“Anjali and Rohan, my 7 year old twins, have really enjoyed the introduction to programming class (Scratch) with Rukmani. I really appreciated Rukmani keeping us informed of each sessions’s activity via a blog. The kids stayed engaged throughout and were eager to show us what they were learning in class. I particularly appreciated that Rukmani made an effort to learn both of their styles and for proactively giving one of them additional individual attention. STEM and Technology literacy is more critical than ever (particularly girls). We will continue to take advantage of this wonderful resource in our neighborhood.”

“I love coding because of your class- thank you!”


This is our third year with Rukhmani and my son totally loves it.  It helped him to gain confidence, to take risk, to push beyond his limits, and to know what he is capable of.   Rukhmani has a deep understanding of the academics in the US and she knows what she is doing. Her program has been a blessing to us.

Samantha (7) can’t wait to get to her Scratch programming course each Saturday. As soon as she comes home she is straight on our computer, building a new game and showing us what she knows. We have to prize her away from Scratch!

Michael DC Francis

Before I share my resource with you I would like to tell you about my son. He is a smart kid but had very little confidence in his Math abilities. He just didn’t think of himself as a ‘Math kid’. He didn’t particularly care for the subject and never thought he was good at it.He was taking coding classes with Rukhmani and found out she was starting a SHSAT Prep course. Given his experience with Rukhmani as a teacher, he came to us and said he wanted to take her SHSAT prep course! We advised him of the commitment involved, the math rigor etc, but he still wanted to do it. Completely baffled, but willing to listen to him, we signed him up for the course fully convinced that he would want to drop out after a couple of weeks. But he proved us wrong! He gave up a family vacation so he would not miss instruction days, he worked hard through the Fall and lo and behold, scored high enough to qualify for 7 out of the 8 specialized high schools!!! This is from a kid who doesn’t even like Math!!!
But the reason I wanted to share my son’s journey is because it is completely a testament to Rukhmani and the passion and rigor she brings to her instruction. She truly cares about each and every student she takes on and is personally invested in them and their success. She works tirelessly with them reinforcing concepts, teaching them strategies, being their cheerleader. We feel lucky to have found a coach like her. Currently all 3 of my kids are taking various STEM and Math Enrichment classes from her—I think this says it all!

Simi Singh
Phone: 1. 347.788.8332
65 Broadway, Suite 1105
New York, NY 10280
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