Our Mission


Cultivate genuine curiosity and intrest for STEM by establishing strong foundations in Math and English Language Arts(ELA) across grade levels.


Build empathy, social-emotional learning, and cultural competency by crafting curriculum and teachable moments that intentionally reflect the social, political, and economic realities of our society.


Leverage professional opportunities for young people to meaningfully participate in volunteer and internship experiences.

Our Results

Our success statistics goes beyond mere numbers and embodies the unwavering commitment, hard work and diligence of our students, their families, and our educators

Over 62%

Received offers to Stuyvesant High School


Received offers from top US private schools – Trinity, Collegiate, Brearley, Dalton, Riverdale, Horace Mann etc.

Over 85%

Scored a Stanine of 7-9 on the ISEE

Over 80%

Received a score of 34 and above on ACT, 1500+ on SAT

What our Students and Parents have to say

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