Why Us

Since its inception, NYC STEM Club’s mission has been to provide an alternative path to education, one that prioritizes not just academic achievement, but also the growth and development of the whole child.

We firmly believe that children and young people are way more capable than our school system often acknowledges. At NYC STEM Club, our courses propel students beyond the confines of the classroom, immersing them in a realm where they not only master the common core curriculum but also engage with materials that prepare them for higher grade levels, competitive exams, and intricate concepts they are bound to encounter in the future.

We equip students with the tools necessary to be successful both within and beyond the classroom, teaching them to develop executive functioning skills, acquire healthy work habits, and build focus. Fostering a culture that embraces mistakes, we encourage our students to be risk-takers, undaunted by any challenge, academic or otherwise.

Most importantly, we distinguish ourselves in the way we mentor and guide our students through their academic journey, helping them to become life-long learners who are self-confident, effective communicators, and advocates for the changes they want to see in the world.

NYC STEM Club truly constitutes of a community of students and families who share the belief that education has the power to change the world. To this end, we offer a village of support for our students, creating a learning environment that they can always return to.

Our Results

Our success statistics goes beyond mere numbers and embodies the unwavering commitment, hard work and diligence of our students, their families, and our educators

Over 62%

Received offers to Stuyvesant High School


Received offers from top US private schools – Trinity, Collegiate, Brearley, Dalton, Riverdale, Horace Mann etc.

Over 85%

Scored a Stanine of 7-9 on the ISEE

Over 80%

Received a score of 34 and above on ACT, 1500+ on SAT

What our Students and Parents have to say

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