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NYC STEM CLUB offers a  comprehensive SHSAT program that is made up of three modules.  Students can enroll in enroll in all three modules or choose specific ones based on their need.  We offer group lessons as well as 1-on- 1 private tutoring to help prepare for all competitive exams.  Diagnostic test may be required for placement into appropriate groups based on skill level.  Below are the details of the three SHSAT modules

Module 1: Spring Session ( March – June) Classes meet twice a week on average alternating between Math and ELA.  Sessions run for 1.5 hours each. 

Math:  In addition to 7th grade topics, the course will cover  8th grade Math curriculum that is required for SHSAT:

  • Sequences and Series
  • Advanced Probability
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Exponents
  • Systems of linear equations – Slopes and Pythagorean theorem
  • Geometry – angles formed by parallel lines and transversals

ELA:   ELA will focus on reading comprehension (Literary passages/poetry etc.) and grammar required for the SHSAT.  The SHSAT reading passages are of a higher degree of difficulty compared to the 7th grade curriculum and include topics from science, history, social studies, geometry, philosophy and other branches of study.

Below are the follow-up classes offered in Summer and Fall.  There will be separate registration process for the below.

Module 2 – SHSAT Summer : 4- 8 week session.  Classes meet thrice a week for 3 hours each.  During the summer session, students will be exposed to SHSAT style questions and test prep strategies.  Specifically,For ELA

  • Learning to eliminate answer choices as too broad/ too narrow
  • Understanding Vocabulary in context
  • Drilling in reading comprehensions skills
    • Main Idea
    • Detail
    • Inference
    • Words and Phrases in Context
    • Analyzing Text Structure/ Tone/ Quantitative Info/Poetry etc.

For Math

  • Plugging in Answer Choices
  • Plug in your own numbers to simplify the question
  • Underlining the question to make sure you answer it in its entirety
  • Understanding which questions are tricky and time-consuming
  • short-cut strategies to save time

Module 3 – SHSAT Fall Intensive: ~15 sessions. Classes meet twice a week for 3 hours each. 

Full length tests in the redesigned SHSAT format will be administered. Areas that need development will be discussed and additional questions/exercises will be provided as needed.
During the course of the whole program, ongoing updates will be provided on topics covered and on the results from drills/tests

Call 1.347.788.8332 to enroll

Courses are offered subject to minimum enrollment

Phone: 1. 347.788.8332
398 West Thames Street
New York, NY 10280