Law and Society

Law and Society


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This course teaches high school students key understandings of how law intersects with our everyday life through three hypotheticals, which will turn into the project-based assessments for the duration of the course. The first hypothetical teaches students the importance of considering the language of the law and its intended objective. Students will take on the role of attorneys and argue whether a defendant violated a specific statutory law.

The second hypothetical teaches students how social and political change is implemented through a variety of legal proceedings. Students will be asked to consider a proposed teen curfew law in a mock city council session. Within this lesson, students will learn how citizens are involved in policy change and decision making.

The final hypothetical teaches students to think critically about the legitimacy of government intervention in their lives. They will compare individual rights with the public good and identify reasonable justifications for government intervention by taking on the role of a jury in a First Amendment hate speech case.

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