Introduction to Journalism

Introduction to Journalism


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The advent of the Internet and the rise of social media has flooded our younger generations with fake news, but more insidious than fake news is biased journalism, which hinders our children’s ability to respond to news events with nuanced and critical thinking. This course teaches students news literacy, by first being able to discern fact from opinion in partial writing, and second by critically thinking about the purpose and intention of news articles in a variety of literary context, including but not limited to political, social, scientific, and historical writing. 

Students will learn to identify frequently used logical fallacies such. straw-man arguments, ad hominem fallacy, and generalizations. They will also learn the process of gathering and reporting credible and factual information. The last part of this course is completed by a project-based assessment where each student finds and reports on a local story, to be compiled and published by NYC STEM as a news magazine.

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