Hunter High School Summer Prep

Hunter High School Summer Prep


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For Rising Grade 6 students

Duration: 3hr sessions – 24 total sessions

Hunter College High School is one of the most coveted middle schools in the nation and one of the most selective.  Students are accepted for admission in the 7th grade, and all eligible students are required to clear a competitive entrance exam.  Only students who are New York City residents and have achieved qualifying scores on the 5th grade NY Statewide tests are eligible to take the entrance exam.  The qualifying scores change each year.  For 2022, Hunter may expand their own qualifying screening tests to cover public school students later in the year.

Students accepted to Hunter represent the top one-quarter of 1% of students in New York City, based on test scores.  Despite the exceedingly low odds of admission, the bootcamp is certainly one of the most enriching experiences that students can gain in a short period of time.

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Courses are offered subject to minimum enrollment

Phone: 1. 347.788.8332
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